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Lobo Perea, Pedro José

Lobo Perea, Pedro José

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CITSEM- Lab. 19


He obtained his degree as a Technical Telecommunication Engineer in 1993 and that of Telecommunication Engineer in 2004. Both were obtained from the "Universidad Politécnica de Madrid" (UPM).

Since 1996 until 2003, he worked as Chief of Computer Systems at the Technical Engineering School of Telecommunication, EUITT (now School of Telecommunications Systems and Engineering, ETSIST). Since 2003, he works as a Lecturer at the Electronic and Control Systems Department, now Telematics and Electronics Engineering Department, DTE, at the same school.

He joined the Electronic and Microelectronic Design Group (GDEM) in 2001.


  • Real time DVB-H gateway based on DSP

  • Seisdedos, E., Pescador del Oso, F., Juárez Martínez, E., Lobo Perea, P. J. & Garrido González, M. (2011). Real time DVB-H gateway based on DSP.
  • R}eal Time DVB-H Gateway Based on {DSP

  • Pescador del Oso, F., Lobo Perea, P. J., Juárez Martínez, E., Garrido González, M. & Seisdedos, E. (2011). R}eal Time DVB-H Gateway Based on {DSP, number ICCE 2011, January.