Publication (Phd Thesis)

Modelo de estimación de valor para la toma de decisiones relacionadas con la evolución de productos software

Sanchez, Carlos Fernandez
Most of the software is produced as a result of a continual subsequent evolution. Decisions on software evolution are focused on what new features to add, improve, or even remove. Additionally, there are decisions about what part of the software should be improved to increase the capacity of evolution, what bug have to be solved, or what new technologies should be included in the product. But to make informed decisions about software evolution it is necessary to know the value of implementing such decisions. Traditionally, value-based decisions have been made based on the visible characteristics of software (external quality). But many decisions can be focused on improving the capacity of the software product to be changed in the future without adding visible characteristics (internal quality). This thesis defines a customer value model that help make decisions in a context of continuous evolution of software. To do that, this thesis provides four main contributions: (i) the identification of how changes focused on improving the internal quality of software add value for the customer; (ii) the definition of a theoretical framework based on the elements that are required to define models for managing the evolution of software products; (iii) the identification of the available methods and strategies to be used within the model for managing the evolution of software products; (iv) a model to be used in software projects to manage their evolution considering the internal and external quality of software. The model was used in a case study based on the analysis of a large software project.
Research areas:
  • Services and Software Technologies
Type of Publication:
Phd Thesis
Type of Publication:
PhD Thesis