Estrategic Areas

In the past ten years, there has been advancement in the use of software in technological applications. New models in the services paradigm have also been developed. In the “A Software Strategy for Europe” document, sponsored by the European Community, recognized the software as the element that can significantly increase the interoperability of systems in all levels. Nevertheless, it is also important to point out reliability and cost efficiency of the software to be developed. Inside this framework, Services and Software Technologies (TSS) are focused on researching overall improvement in quality, both software and development process.

Medium-term future of the line is linked to address challenges derived to the growth complex of intensive systems and software, and, also, the need to improve quality in security, flexibility or availability. Moreover, the future of Internet will mark this research line, as well as the need for developing software in budget and time (lean approach). In particular, this line will research in:

  1.  New systems based on services, including fields such us software architecture, requirements, simplification/reduction of the product size, interoperability and reliability.
  2.  Intensive systems in software, embedded software, Service-based system in system architectures, product lines, new ways to specified requirements and, simplification/reduction of product size.
  3.  Common field both service-based systems and intensive systems in software such as: traceability, verification, validation, and non-functional requirements like reliability, or availability.
  4.  Agile/lean process of software development in global environments.


Currently, the following lines of research are conducted:

  • Engineering models-driven Software architecture and traceability.
  • Agile Processes / Global Software Development.
  • IT for energy and Smart Grids.
  • Innovation in Software Engineering.