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Metamodelo para la definición de metodologías de desarrollo software centradas en documentos y la mejora de la calidad de la documentación software

Pérez, Manuel Bollaín
The documentation in software projects has a number of problems affecting the quality of the product and the software process. Often, documentation is considered only as an additional volume of information available to the organization and development team, which slows project execution. In this sense, the role of documentation in a project is conceived as one of the most expensive activities and more time-consuming and then not used extensively. The documentation is, in many cases, relegated to the background and is undervalued compared to face-to-face communication. There is also a relationship between the quality of the documentation and software process. There are difficulties in adopting good practices of software process and the impact of excess documentation perceived by project managers in Software Process Improvement activities. We have to remember that quality of the documentation is closely related to the use of it that can make developers. This thesis addresses the problem considering a change of view on the software process, in which the documentation happens to be a by-product of the activities and tasks of the process to be the element that structures the process itself. Through this new view, the definition of the documents themselves, their properties and relationships, allow us to establish processes and guidance for develop software of any kind. To achieve this target, a metamodel for defining document-centric methodologies has been developed. This metamodel confronts a number of quality attributes software documentation to prove that there is an improvement on these, and therefore the quality of the software documentation is improved. Finally this document-centric metamodel is used to describe an agile methodology (Scrum) to validate the capability and flexibility of the metamodel, using the proposed change of view on the software process described in this thesis.
Áreas de investigación:
  • Tecnologías Software y Servicios
Tipo de publicación:
Tesis doctorales
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PhD Thesis