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Pescador del Oso, Fernando

Pescador del Oso, Fernando

Áreas de investigación:
+34 9106 78752
CITSEM- Lab. 19


He obtained his degree as a Technical Telecommunication Engineer in 1992, that of Telecommunication Engineer in 2003 and his Ph.D. in 2011. All of his qualifications were obtained from the "Universidad Politécnica de Madrid" (UPM).

Currently he works in the Telematics and Electronics Engineering Department, DTE at the School of Telecommunications Systems and Engineering (ETSIST), of the UPM and he has been the head of the department from 2012 to 2019. He began as an Assistant Professor in 1995, and became an Associate Professor in 2011. He joined the Electronic and Microelectronic Design Group (GDEM) in 1999 and CITSEM since its creation. He has contributed in more than 40 papers in international journals and conferences. His research is in the area of Video and Image Technologies. From 2017 he is Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics and from 2019 Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Circuit and Systems for Video Technology. He is currently Director of CITSEM.