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Findings based on a Systematic Mapping Study on Software Product Value Estimation

Castro, Oscar; Espinoza, Angelina; Martínez, Alfonso Martínez
Software product value has become a major concern in development companies; there is a fierce competition to deliver better products and offer higher value to the customer. There is a need for knowledge and better understanding on how to manage the value concept; this is especially important for the product offering companies. There is a lot of research in the product value area from the business side, but the specific area of software product value is barely addressed nowadays. The most related approach is Value-Based Software Engineering, but this approach addresses the added value to the Software Engineering tasks. The purpose of this paper is to present an analysis of the related literature on software product value following the guidelines of Systematic Mapping Study methodology. The current state of the art will be presented as well as interesting findings which serve as a basis for next research in this topic.
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Conferencias y Seminarios
Guadalajara, Mexico