CITSEM Presentation

The Research Center on Software Technologies and Multimedia Systems for Sustainability (CITSEM - Centro de Investigación en Tecnologías Software y Sistemas Multimedia para la Sostenibilidad) is focused on leveraging the basic software and multimedia technologies, which are part of the members' expertise, for improving sustainability. The main goals of the Center are the following:

  • The execution of projects and other R+D+i activities promoted by the Centre itself, within the field of software and multimedia technologies oriented to sustainability. Such mission also involves the publication of results obtained as a contribution to the growth of both scientific knowledge and availability of technological resources for third-party entities in their social and economical environment.
  • The cooperation with other entities, be either public or private, in the carrying out of R+D+i projects in the area of software and multimedia technologies that contribute to the fulfilment of their commercial or public service objectives.
  • The transfer and interchange of information, knowledge and results with other entities, either public or private.
  • The realisation of specific works, reports or counselling tasks within the field of software and multimedia technologies for the benefit of private or public institutions.
  • The provision of postgraduate instruction oriented to professional or research targets.
  • The organisation and provision of specialisation courses, seminars, conferences and other similar events in the context of software and multimedia technologies.

CITSEM was founded in 2011 by three UPM Research Groups: System & Software Technology Group (SYST), Electronic and Microelectronic Design Group (GDEM) and Next-Generation Networks and Services (GRYS). Currently, CITSEM is conformed by two of it is founding research groups (SYST and GDEM) and the Multimedia Applications and Acoustics Research Group (GAMMA), that was incorporated in 2016.

The total number of full time researchers exceeds forty, being all of them comitted to make of CITSEM one of the main actors that reinforces and boost the R+D+I activity performed in UPM South Campus. Moreover, postgraduate and doctorate teaching activities are among the centre's growth interests, and it is engage in the participation of students that will carry out their graduate, master or PhD Thesis related to their R+D+I activities.


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