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A DSP-Based HEVC Decoder Implementation using RVC-CAL and Native OpenHEVC code

Rodriguez, P.; Balserio, F.; Chavarrías Lapastora, Miguel; Pescador del Oso, Fernando; Garrido González, Matías
Complexity of both, applications and processors, is permanently increasing. While, designers must face with a lot of challenges, such as reduced time to market, performance and energy efficiency, among others. In this context, dataflow based methodologies and tools, like the Open RVC-CAL Compiler Infrastructure (Orcc), have revealed powerful in supporting platform independent design. Within the Orcc design flow, applications are described using the RVC-CAL language. A set of Orcc backends can generate different source codes (e.g., C, C++, VHDL, Java) that must be finally compiled for a target platform with a native compiler. This approach has several advantages, but the quality of the final product is limited by the quality of the currently implemented backends. In this work, an HEVC decoder implementation for DSP technology has been developed by using a combination of RVC-CAL descriptions and native C-code. The results of this approach are compared with those obtained by using both, a pure RVC-CAL description and a pure native C-code implementation.
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Artículos en revistas científicas
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C language, digital signal processing chips, electronic engineering computing, programs compilers, public domain software, video codecs, video coding, decoding, multicore processing, program processors, streaming media
Consumer Electronics (ISCE), 2015 IEEE International Symposium on
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