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Variability of the fundamental frequency of Parkinsonian voices in read speech: A transversal study

Rodríguez, Pablo; Fraile Muñoz, Rubén; García, Miguel; Sáenz Lechón, Nicolás; Gutiérrez-Arriola, Juana Maria; Osma Ruíz, Víctor J.
A transversal study of the pitch variability of parkinsonian voices in read speech is presented. 30 Parkinson's disease (PD) patients and 6 healthy speakers were recorded while reading a text without voiceless phonemes. The following measures were obtained from the fundamental frequency contours: mean, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation. These measures, as well as a parameter describing the form of the modulation spectrum, were investigated for correlation with age and PD stage evaluated using the Hoehn and Yahr scale. Results indicate that the influence of PD on intonation can be masked by the effects of aging. This is the case for the male voices herein analyzed. The study of the modulation spectrum of the fundamental frequency can provide some insight into the ability of the speakers to plan the intonation of full phrases. For the female population some significant correlations are found between parameters obtained from this modulation spectrum and the PD stage.
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Conferencias y Seminarios
0th International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications, MAVEBA 2017
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