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A Framework for Positioning and Assessing Innovation Capability from an Organizational Perspective

Rodríguez, Lilibeth; Díaz Fernández, Jessica; Garbajosa Sopeña, Juan; Pérez Benedí, Jenifer; Yagüe Panadero, Agustín
The evolution of a new information society and new technologies has led to the involvement of organizations in a highly competitive business market where innovation plays a key role. Improving the understanding of the innovation process will help organizations bring more competitive solutions to society more promptly. Currently, there are still too few mechanisms that help organizations to model innovation knowledge and measure their innovation capability. To deal with this gap, this paper presents the Innovation Capability Framework that models innovation knowledge and assesses the innovation capability of organizations for guiding future innovation processes. This framework comprises a conceptual model, a graphical modeling language, and an Innovation Positioning System (IPS), which are supported by an Inno Modeling Tool (InnoTool). Modeling capabilities and the IPS mechanism have been empirically validated through various case studies. In this paper, we present the InnoTool analysis of an exemplar innovative product such as Skype.
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