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A Novel FPGA-based Evolvable Hardware System based on Multiple Processing Arrays

Gallego, A.; Mora, J.; Otero, R; Salvador, Rubén
In this paper, an architecture based on a scalable and flexible set of Evolvable Processing arrays is presented. FPGA-native Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration (DPR) is used for evolution, which is done intrinsically, letting the system to adapt autonomously to variable run-time conditions, including the presence of transient and permanent faults. The architecture supports different modes of operation, namely: independent, parallel, cascaded or bypass mode. These modes of operation can be used during evolution time or during normal operation. The evolvability of the architecture is combined with fault-tolerance techniques, to enhance the platform with self-healing features, making it suitable for applications which require both high adaptability and reliability. Experimental results show that such a system may benefit from accelerated evolution times, increased performance and improved dependability, mainly by increasing fault tolerance for transient and permanent faults, as well as providing some fault identification possibilities. The evolvable HW array shown is tailored for window-based image processing applications.
Tipo de publicación:
Conferencias y Seminarios
Boston, EEUU
20-21 Mayo