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Two experiences in software dynamics

Pérez Benedí, Jenifer; Boronat, Artur; Carsí, José Á.
This paper presents an outline of a formal model management framework that provides breakthroughs for legacy systems recovery (RELS) and for data migration (ADAM). To recover a legacy system, we use an algebraic approach by using algebras in order to represent the models and manipulate them. RELS also generates automatically a data migration plan that specifies a data transfer process to save all the legacy knowledge in the new recovered database. The data migration solution is also introduced as a support for the O-O conceptual schemas evolution where their persistent layers are stored by means of relational databases, in the ADAM tool. Contents and structure of the data migration plans are specified using an abstract data migration language. Our past experience in both projects has guided us towards the model management research field. We present a case study to illustrate our proposal.
Tipo de publicación:
Artículos en revistas científicas
Palabras clave:
data reverse engineering, rewriting rules, data migration, migration patterns
Journal of Universal Computer Science JUCS