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Parallel Implementations Assessment of a Spatial-Spectral Classifier for Hyperspectral Clinical Applications

Lazcano López, Raquel; Madroñal Quintín, Daniel; Florimbi, Giordana; Sancho Aragón, Jaime; Sánchez, Sergio; Leon, Raquel; Fabelo, Himar; Ortega, Samuel; Torti, Emanuele; Salvador, Rubén; Marrero-Martín, Margarita; Leporati, Francesco; Juárez Martínez, Eduardo; Callicó, Gustavo M; Sanz Álvaro, César
Hyperspectral (HS) imaging presents itself as a non-contact, non-ionizing and non-invasive technique, proven to be suitable for medical diagnosis. However, the volume of information contained in these images makes difficult providing the surgeon with information about the boundaries in real-time. To that end, High-Performance-Computing (HPC) platforms become necessary. This paper presents a comparison between the performances provided by five different HPC platforms while processing a spatial-spectral approach to classify HS images, assessing their main benefits and drawbacks. To provide a complete study, two different medical applications, with two different requirements, have been analyzed. The first application consists of HS images taken from neurosurgical operations; the second one presents HS images taken from dermatological interventions. While the main constraint for neurosurgical applications is the processing time, in other environments, as the dermatological one, other requirements can be considered. In that sense, energy efficiency is becoming a major challenge, since this kind of applications are usually developed as hand-held devices, thus depending on the battery capacity. These requirements have been considered to choose the target platforms: on the one hand, three of the most powerful Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) available in the market; and, on the other hand, a low-power GPU and a manycore architecture, both specifically thought for being used in battery-dependent environments.
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Tumors; Real-time systems; Neurosurgery; Graphics processing units; Hyperspectral imaging
IEEE Access
152316 - 152333