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Value-Management Challenges: Experiences from Research Projects with Finnish ICT Industry

Mandic, Vladimir; Kuvaja, Pasi; Oivo, Markku; Rodríguez, Pilar
Nowadays, the software industry has at its disposal several approaches that accentuate the concept of value, e.g., lean or agile software development. However, our experience has shown that arriving at an understanding of what is meant by value in a given organizational context presents real challenges. And, one of the reasons for having those challenges is a difficulty to trace value creation in creative industries, like software or ICT. This motivated us to identify and describe the most common valuemanagement challenges we encountered while conducting two research projects with the Finnish ICT industry. We discuss the relationship between the value-management challenges and value traceability. Finally, we propose some concrete research tracks based on that discussion.
Tipo de publicación:
Conferencias y Seminarios
Palabras clave:
traceability, Value, Value-Based Software Engineering, VBSE
Madrid, Spain