Grupos de Investigación


The research Group on Acoustics and MultiMedia Applications (GAMMA) was founded in December 2015 as an official UPM (Technical University of Madrid) R&D group in the School of Telecommunications Systems and Engineering. After that itbecame a member of CITSEM in February 2016. We are an interdisciplinary group comprising researchers with a Signal Processing, Acoustics, Business Administration and Applied Linguistics for Science and Technology background.

Our current research lines include:

  • Gamification: design and development of serious games for educative applications.
  • Intelligent natural interfaces for physically disabled people: improving the immersive feeling in serious games. Fostering exercises for rehabilitation or maintenance with gamified software. Improvements in clinician-patient communication. Design of real-time adaptive applications for the patients, optimizing the efficiency of their exercises and maximizing their motivation.
  • Medical image processing: segmentation and classification of anatomic structures with advanced methods.
  • Virtual acoustics: recreation of acoustical environments from the estimation of the impulsive response of the local. Hearing virtualization of different kind of signals. Multichannel acoustical signal processing.   
  • Psychoacoustics: sound source spatial localization. Simulation of the hearing system from a spatial perception perspective.
  • Speech signal processing: speech analysis, synthesis, and recognition for clinical applications.  
  • Knowledge management: techniques, tools and modeling of knowledge management for skills development in organizations.
  • Organizational learning: methodologies, technologies and innovation in transfer and learning processes in organizations.
  • Innovation within English teaching-learning process:  Language learning assessment and testing. Analysis of motivational elements. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applied to material development.

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The group is directed by the Associated Professor Víctor José Osma Ruiz and it is currently composed by 8 other professors.