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Multimedia Terminals: Reception of Real-time Video Streams over DAB/DMB

Rodríguez, M. C.; Lobo Perea, Pedro José; Sanz Álvaro, César; Groba González, Ángel Manuel; Pescador del Oso, Fernando; Garrido González, Matías; Juárez Martínez, Eduardo
In this paper, a demo platform for reception of real-time video streams over Digital Audio Broadcasting /Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DAB/DMB) is presented. This platform has been developed as part of the ARTEMI project to validate our research on DAB/DMB receivers and video decoders. The platform consists of a DAB transmitter emulator, a commercial DAB receiver, an Receiver Data Interface (RDI) extractor implemented on FPGA/RISC technology and an MPEG-4 video decoder implemented on DSP technology. We are working currently on adding DMB support to the receiver. With these elements, video streams over DAB/DMB can be received and played on a television set.
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