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The Development of a Software Product Line for Validation Environments

Garbajosa Sopeña, Juan; Pérez Benedí, Jenifer; Magro, Belén
Over the last decade, software product line engineering (SPLE) has emerged as one of the most promising software development paradigms for increasing productivity in IT-related industries. Detailing the various aspects of SPLE implementation in different domains, Applied Software Product Line Engineering documents best practices with regard to system development. Expert contributors from academia and industry come together and focus on core asset development, product development, and management, addressing the process, technical, and organizational issues needed to meet the growing demand for information. They detail the adoption and diffusion of SPLE as a primary software development paradigm and also address technical and managerial issues in software product line engineering. Providing an authoritative perspective of the latest research and practice in SLPE, the text: Presents in-depth discussions and many industry / case studies Covers applications in various domains including automotive, business process management, and defense Organized according to the organizational, process, and technical aspects of software product lines within an organization Provides the expertise of a distinguished panel of global contributors Ever-increasing global competition coupled with a fragile world economy means that the pressure is on for software engineers and software process improvement professionals to find ways to meet the needs of expanding markets—with greater efficiency and effectiveness. This book arms readers with the insight needed to harness the power of SPLE to increase productivity, reduce time to market, and to handle the growing diversity in the quickly evolving global marketplace.
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