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Large-Scale Smart Grids as System of Systems

Pérez Benedí, Jenifer; Díaz Fernández, Jessica; Garbajosa Sopeña, Juan; Yagüe Panadero, Agustín; Gonzalez, Eloy; Lopez-Perea, Mercedes
Smart Grids are advanced power networks that introduce intelligent management, control, and operation systems to address the new challenges generated by the growing energy demand and the appearance of renewal energies. In the literature, Smart Grids are presented as an exemplar SoS: systems composed of large heterogeneous and independent systems that leverage emergent behavior from their interaction. Smart Grids are currently scaling up the electricity service to millions of customers. These Smart Grids are known as Large-Scale Smart Grids. From the experience in several projects about Large-Scale Smart Grids, this paper defines Large-Scale Smart Grids as a SoS that integrate a set of SoS and conceptualizes the properties of this SoS. In addition, the paper defines the architectural framework for deploying the software architectures of Large-Scale Smart Grid SoS.
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