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Automated determination of security services to ensure personal data protection in the Internet of Things applications

Breve resumen This paper describes a method aimed at automatically determining security services to be implemented in products, services and devices involved on the Internet of Things scenarios. It is important to consider the specific context, legislative diversity and nature of the information since its main objective is to have correct and fair data processing that avoids users in perceiving any danger to their privacy. This paper gives a brief overview based on several types of security threat scenarios. It tries to introduce "Utility Matrix" concept that connects involved users, their security needs, and legal imperatives all together. Based on "Utility Matrix", an expert system is proposed in order to automate security service decisions and solution for personal data protection on the area of Internet of Things. Different approaches are presented, and several applied use cases are given for AWARE product, such as application. This automated system is in the development phase. Nevertheless, this project has to connect areas of the Industry to the judicial and technology, taking into account that users are in the middle of the scenario. As a result of this project, a certificate of personal data protection to users and companies could be obtained. It could be a tool to simulate and evaluate the impact of new services, new laws, and new needs in technology and research.
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Presented at Third International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH 2013), London, UK, August 2013.
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