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A Systematic Process for Implementing Gateways for Test Tools

Yagüe Panadero, Agustín; Garbajosa Sopeña, Juan; Díaz Fernández, Jessica
Test automation is facing a new challenge because tools, as well as having to provide conventional test functionalities, must be capable to interact with ever more heterogeneous complex systems under test (SUT). The number of existing software interfaces to access these systems is also a growing number. The problem cannot be analyzed only from a technical or engineering perspective; the economic perspective is as important. This paper presents a process to systematically implement gateways which support the communication between test tools and SUTs with a reduced cost. The proposed solution does not preclude any interface protocol at the SUT side. This process is supported using a generic architecture of a gateway defined on top of OSGi. Any test tool can communicate with the gateway through a unique defined interface. To communicate the gateway and the SUT, basically, the driver corresponding to the SUT software interface has to be loaded.
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Conferences and Seminars
IEEE Computer Society