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New Technologies in Competitive Intelligence. Developing a case study in the field of biotechnology

García, Aurelio Berges; Meneses Chaus, Juan Manuel; Ledesma, Pablo Ramírez
Technological information contained in scientific articles and patents may suppose a valuable source of strategic knowledge regarding decision making in companies. In this paper the development of a Competitive Intelligence (CI) report is proposed in the biomarker sector, based on the analysis of scientific publications and patents, with the aim of providing a perspective about the most significant agents (companies, experts, knowledge sources, etc.) and how they influence this sector. To this end, an IC report is conducted following the process of competitive watch and intelligence according to the recommendations contained in regulation UNE 166.006:2011, and final results are shown in an analytical way by means of several bibliographic indicators and their representation through charts, tables and relationships with the aim of obtaining strategic recommendations. All of this thanks to the easiness of analysis, flexibility and process capacity of the CI software VicuboCloud™, developed by e-intelligent.
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Journal publications
Competitive Intelligence, Technology Watch, Information Management, Information Analysis, VicuboCloud
ICTIC 2014