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Fast facial expression recognition for emotion awareness disposal

Eckert, Martina; Gil, Almudena; Zapatero, Diego; Meneses Chaus, Juan Manuel
This paper presents a simple and fast expression recognition algorithm aimed at running in a secondary plane to provide emotion awareness for primary applications as e.g. exergames, in real time. The algorithm is based on the extraction of 19 facial landmarks which are used to detect some of the Action Units (AUs) defined in the Facial Action Coding System (FACS) and a newly created one. In addition, the new concept of Combined Action Units (CAUs) is presented. Those are grouped AUs which are detected as a unit. The applied emotion classification is based on logical rules, no learning is involved. First implementations have been made on a mobile platform.
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Mouth, Gold, Face, Mood, Emotion recognition, Real-time systems, Feature extraction, emotion awareness, facial emotion recognition, action units, rule based classification, facial landmarks, FACS
Consumer Electronics - Berlin (ICCE-Berlin)